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Apple News Bites - 10Dec2010

Apple News Bites - Horseshoe Bay, BC


Apple announced yesterday that promotional codes for the App store will now work world-wide. This is a change for the better and one long overdue.

As it seems to get harder and harder each day for small indie developers to garner attention for their apps, promo codes are a valuable tool to allow reviewers to see a developer's app without having to purchase it. Unfortunately, up to this point, promo codes would only work for the U.S. App store.


Google's cloud-based productivity suite is now available full-size for the Apple iPad. Up until now, iPad users had to make do with the mobile version of Google Docs. New functionality includes style edits, paragraph formatting and much much more.

Streaming Radio

It seems that Apple is kicking out single-station streaming radio apps, which does make a strange kind of sense. With some excellent multipurpose streaming apps available in the App store, cluttering up one's iDevice with single station apps is just a hassle.

Opponents to this move claim, however, it's preventing them from promoting their stations properly. More details at


Time magazine put 4 Apple products in their Top 10 Gadgets Of the Year list: Apple TV came in at #7, iPhone 4 at #6, the MacBook Air at #3 and in the top spot, at #1, was the Apple iPad. Time's full list can be found at