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Neurofluid Is Pleased To Announce 'Mumbees Match' Is Now In Beta

21Sep2009 Vancouver, BC

We're pleased to announce that Cackleberries Entertainment Inc's 'Mumbees Match' game for the iPhone/iPod has been released from Alpha testing and is now in Beta testing.

'Mumbees Match' contains rich colorful graphics, memory-challenging gameplay, three levels of difficulty (full version) and is great for all ages!

Expected to be submitted to the Apple App Store the third week of September, 2009, 'Mumbees Match' should prove to be a popular download for younger iPhone and iPod users. 'Mumbees Match' comes in two iPhone/iPod versions: the 'Lite' version, which will be free for downloading, will only have the 'Easy' level. The full version, priced at just $1.99, will also have two levels providing more of a challenge for players. Both versions will also give the user a 1 month free trial on, a $5 value.

We have included the following YouTube video to show the basic game play and layout. Please return soon for more information or sign up for our newsletter.