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Previous Releases And Work


29 Nov 2015 - Imaginary Games Inc.

Afterland is a gorgeous Tim-Burton-meets-goth card collector game. Featured 3 times by Apple as well as Google, it's well worth checking out.

Help misfit spirits find their way to the light in this unique game of collectible cards. Afterland is designed for a wide range of players including those new to collectible card games.

Afterland is available here on iTunes and the Google Play Store


Kitty Pops 

2 Feb 2016 - Kerfuffle Monkey Games Inc.

But wait, there's more! At the end of September, 2015, Faisal and I decided to go our own separate ways. Faisal continues to work on the previous releases some of the games below (High Dive, Ten Large and Kitty Pops) as well as others, while I started a new Indie game studio called Kerfuffle Monkey Games Inc. Kerfuffle Monkey's first release was a conversion to Android of The Frosty Pop Corps' Kitty Pops

Essentially an identical version of the iOS game, I won't bore you with the same screen shots, but you can find the Android version in the Google Play store.

Kitty Pops 

30 Sept 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

Cats and rockets, mice and balloons. What could possible go wrong? Our fifth feature by Apple.

Maybelline is a mouse. Do you see that big piece of cheese in the sky? Yeah, she wants to get there.Never mind we both know that’s just the moon. You’re the wind that’s going to get her there.
Be warned, though. The black cats lurk around every corner.

Kitty Pops is available in iTunes


Time After Time 

2 July 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

A deceptively simple game where you have to match an analog clock to a digital one, Time After Time was our fourth feature by Apple.

Do you know what time it is? 
Match the analogue and digital clock times before your time (pun intended) runs out in this beautiful, oddly zen-like gaming experience.

Time After Time is available in iTunes


Dribble Madness 

20 May 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

Dribble Madness was our third app featured by Apple. Almost as frustrating as it was to code, there's a definited tip o' the had to the old Q-Bert days.

Dribble Madness is available in iTunes


High Dive 

7 May 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

Leaping (see what I did there?) back into arcade style games, we released High Dive, which turned out to be our second app featured by Apple

Walter likes diving. Birds like flying. Hmmmmmmm.
Help Walter break the world outdoor diving record in this pseudo–endless arcade diver!

High Dive is available in iTunes


Ten Large 

1 Apr 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

The Frosty Pop Corps' first venture into a puzzler, as well as our first app featured by Apple.

You owe Fat Tony ten large and he's about to send his goons to collect. Crack as many safes as you can in this brain teasing puzzler and you just might be able to keep your legs.
Ten Large is a clever and whimsical puzzle game. If you are fan of Minesweeper, Sudoku, or Threes, this will be something you enjoy. 
Or ultimately hate.

Ten Large is available in iTunes


Fishes And Barrels 

20 Jan 2015  - The Frosty Pop Corps

Fishes and Barrels is an arcade game that requires strategy and a quick pair of thumbs!
Match the correct barrel to the correct fish or boom, it’s game over. Keep your eyes peeled for dang ol' Fish Monsters. They're itching to screw you up!
Compete against your friends to see who can catch the most fish using Game Center leaderboards.

Fishes And Barrels is available in iTunes



Frosty Pop / Frosty Beer 

13 Aug 2014 - 30 Sep 2015(Neurofluid / Krys Wallbank / Faisal Sethi) - An 8-bit styled arcade game, Frosty Pop and Frosty Beer is a collaboration between Faisal Sethi and myself, published under Neurofluid for the nascent Frosty Pop Corps. I like to describe it as 'the illegitimate love child of Tapper and Flappy Bird'. Two versions were released, one featuring pop as the theme, and the other targeted to a more adult audience featuring beer.

Frosty Pop is available in iTunes

Playerize Mobile SDKs

07 May 2013 - (Playerize Network Inc) - integrate Playerize's huge network of publishers and advertisers into your application with their SDK. Available for either the Android platform or the iOS platform. More information is available at Playerize



Ruby Skies


23 October 2012 - (East Side Game Studio) - explore islands floating in the sky with your customizable blimp. Search for treasure and fall in love but watch out for Aphrodite and her mischevious minions! [Edit: unfortunately, Ruby Skies didn't perform well enough and was discontinued]



Nom Nom Combo


12 May 2012 - (East Side Game Studio) - a match 3 game with a twist! Toss in predators, prey and a lucky roulette wheel, and you've got Nom Nom Combo! Available for free on Android, Kindle Fire and Samsung devices.



Smoke Your Tires™


16 February 2012 - (private contract) is available for free at iTunes

Utilizing a fun 'burnout' mechanic, this game scores you on your ability to smoke your car's tires on some of the most iconic racetracks in the world.



Bounty Island


03 August 2011 - (Compass Engine) - a fun location-based pirate treasure exploration game for the iPhone and iPad



Heartbreak's Revenge


13 February 2010 - (Neurofluid) - released for the iPhone/iPad. A twisted take on the classic Missile Command game, prevent Cupid and his minions from infecting your city's population with love with ... missiles! Download from the Apple App store in iTunes



Mumbees Match


14 October 2009 - (Neurofluid) - released for the iPhone/iPad. A fun and simple card-matching memory game for kids featuring the characters from Cackleberries. Download from the Apple App store in iTunes