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Smoke Your Tires Now In App Store

14Mar2011 - Vancouver, BC

I'm pleased to announce that Smoke Your Tires™, a fast-paced make-big-fat-smokey-donuts-with-your-car game is now in the iTunes App Store.

Smoke Your Tires™ was originally a Flash game for the PC and is now available for the iPad and iPhone. Neurofluid was hired to build the core game play and update the art, as well as add a whole bunch of new features to the game.

Featuring 2 free tracks, the object of the game is to control your car while hitting the gas, creating large amounts of smoke and skid marks. Hitting the walls will incur a penalty, but if you hit them too hard, your car blows up! Keep an eye on your revs as well, or you'll blow up your engine!

Smoke Your Tires™ is available for free at