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Valve's Employee Handbook

Vancouver, BC 07May2012

By now you may have heard of the buzz created by Valve's Employee Handbook recently released to the public.

Every page reads like an employee's dream: flat hierarchy, work on what you want to, your input is valued and helps steer the company and more.

With the hyper-competitive nature, at least in the Vancouver area, of the video gaming industry, it's a huge challenge for an employer to find and keep quality employees. I believe that Valve has raised the bar for all of us by releasing this information, as well as given us an advantage in finding and keeping good talent.

Valve has consistently released high quality products to critical acclaim; games that are gorgeous and imaginative, and without a doubt, this may be a peek under the hood that helps to explain why.

I highly recommend reading their handbook, and if you're in the industry, take heed. The handbook is available on Valve's website at

- neurofluid