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A Valuable Dev Tool - PageKite

12May2012, Deep Bay, BC

As an Indie developer, I often find myself working on an application or game that requires some kind of external access to my development environment. If I'm working from my office, or home, this is never a problem as I have full access to the router and can add a forwarding rule to my internal IP address.

If I'm out-and-about, however, it's highly unlikely that Starbucks is going to set up a forwarding rule on their free internet just so I can drink a venti caramel macchaito while coding on their patio. To solve this problem, I've started using a cool service called Page Kite.

Page Kite is a reverse-proxy service that employs a small Python script that runs on your machine and connects to their external servers, setting up a connection through whatever router you're connected to. When you set up your Page Kit account for the first time, you're given an external URL to use like

You can set up an account for free, and you get a free month to try out their service, with just under 3GB of traffic. Their client app is open source, and you can either start the service with a simple copy-and-paste command from their website, or download the client, and start it that way.

Page Kite has just recently implemented a 'pay what you want' model which is pretty cool (I may implement that in some of my upcoming products), and they give you a free month to test the service. They even have a 'feeling broke?' option for the super-cheap, err, hard-up-for-cash option that allows you to use the service for free, but you have to email them about that first.

Give it a try, I highly recommend it!

- neurofluid

Page Kite can be found at